Who We Are

I founded scentnations inc. in 2012.
scentnations inc. is the first authentic fragrance manufacturer in Japan.

I made a brand from my knowledge as a manufacturer and how to use a new fragrance based on my experience as a producer.

That brand is a layered fragrance.

That concept literally means "using layered fragrance."

It is not a conventional usage or superimposition, a way of enjoying a completely new scent.

Use fragrance attached to the body and fragrance of clothes separately.

Then, the scent of the first impression transmitted to the opponent when approaching,
The scent of the second impression which fragrant from the body fluently when approaching.

It is the usage of layered fragrance that deliberately directs the gap of impression of scent.

All attractive people are full of gaps in a good sense.

I think that I would like to deliver such self-directed way through layered fragrance.


President and CEO of scentnations inc.

Born in 1982. After graduating from Gakushuin University,
Finished master's course at Lancaster University graduate school in the UK.
After returning to Japan, engaged in the fragrance industry. Produced numerous products.

Joined a trading company after graduate school.
I belong to the original brand development team.
In 2010, the produced goods received the Japan Fragrance Award.
Launch a fragrance maker scentnations inc. in January 2012.
Planning and development of original brand "layered fragrance".
Make use of the strengths of its own network and multiply every content with fragrance.
He deals with numerous celebrities, athletes and producers with brands.
A lot of project planning is ongoing now.

SNS account https://shoishizaka.amebaownd.com