White Musk

The refreshing scent of white musk spreads to the fragrance of warm vanilla slowly feeling peace of mind, and the depth of jasmine is felt before that.

It is smart and sweet, but a little disgusting scene is the smell of people 's attention.
Like lemon peel, it is a fragrance easy to use anytime anywhere without choosing the situation or sex.

This fragrance is a popular scent for those who like a little sweet scent.

It is a popular No.1 scent on one Japanese mail order site.

People are popular in the early spring from the autumn because they seek a sweet smell when it gets a little cooler.

It is also known as a fragrance with a high moote effect among the numerous fragrances of layered fragrance.

Vanilla 's warm, somewhat sweetness. I think this is a universal, popular fragrance.
While the sweetness of vanilla has a heartwarming impression somewhere,
You have the impression that you want to chase at the same time.

Actually, the fragrance of this white musk is the fragrance that I made by imagining the woman I met in the past.

I made it while dragging down memories of soft sweetness I felt at that time.

Originally thought that it was a fragrance that men could put on,
I took a balance as a more unisex flavor.

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Crème de Parfum White Musk
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