Olive Vodka

It is the fragrance developed only pursuing the sexy impression of night in the diffuser of layered fragrance.
The glossy fragrance in a refreshing impression produces sexyness.
Spicy vodka creates adult space different from other scents and resets mood.
I think that it is perfect fragrance for those who love mysterious mix by body spray.
It is perfect for bars.

I also like alcohol and smoke.
When I was drinking at the bar at one time, there was an aroma type diffuser and it felt that it did not match the bar.

I felt that the scent of the bar is still necessary for the bar.

Elements of cleanliness and healing are important, but people are not just that, there are times when I feel like being covered with night and alcohol,
There are also people who like that.

While thinking about such a thing, I was drinking with vodka on ol 'rock with olives.

The fragrance which passed through my nose while drinking was so good that I made inspiration from there and made it

This scent has a certain kind of addiction, and it smells a lot of people addictive when using it once.

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