Lemon Peel

The fragrance of lemon peel has refreshing like squeezing Sicilia lemon in southern Italy and a sense of cleanliness like the luxury hotel amenities.

The scent of fresh citrus creates a luxurious feeling like mature by adding peel.

The acidity and sweetness of lemon peel are more intense than expected.

Like the summer Mediterranean, there is a refreshing charm that fascinates people in a blink of an eye.

This scent is actually a fragrance that can be said as my origin as a fragrance producer.

The fragrance of elegant and adult-like citrus is sure to make an active choice regardless of location or occasion.

This is like a white shirt with good wearing around.
I have used it for more than five years, but I think that it is a good incense with no tire.

I met my perfume for the first time when I was 6 years old.

I have a older brother 7 years older.
My older brother studied in the UK when he was a junior high school student.
When he returned to his first summer vacation, he gave me a brand perfume called Portugal as a souvenir.

After that, I thought of my older brother who was far away and began to smell that scent while looking at the pictures.

This is my encounter with perfume, the scent at this time is my starting point.

Its fragrance was fresh, clean, and it was a citrus scent that makes you feel exotic somewhere.

The fragrance of lemon peel, which was produced as inspiration from the scent at that time, can be used regardless of location and situation, and it is such fragrance like wrapping the heart of people more than anything.

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