Layered fragrance

It smells casually becoming habit.
The fragrance overlaps and it becomes sexy and it is mysterious enough to approach the skin.
Born from the idea of ​​enjoying the fragrance "laying the scent" How to use a completely new fragrance.

Not only perfumes, but also a number of fragrance items such as space items · fabric · interior are deployed.
The infinite possibilities of fragrance will spread when you look at the "Layer" filter.

"Elegance" "Luxury" "Casual Attitude"

Even if you use the same perfume, the impression of scent will differ if items are different.。
A piece of fashion wearing fragrance.
A tool that directs itself more "attractive".
Based on the concept of "layered", we will propose how to enjoy scents with various prescriptions.
The fragrance has a lot of fragrance with a sense of cleanliness, and it is dare designed to have a light scent.
You can use it safely even for people who do not normally use perfume or resistance to fragrance.

The philosophy Simple = Luxury

A simple form that is familiar everywhere.
I believe simplicity is the most beautiful shape, I also stick to the design.
You can use it with unisex regardless of gender.

Japanese fragrance brand

All of the lineup is made in Japan.
We careful production, Japanese quality is kept in mind.
"Put the fragrance" hence the possibilities are endless.
The quality is luxury, but the price is casual because I want you to find a way to use your scent like a lot of piles.

How To Use

【Body Spray】
Increase the impression by two steps with scent.
The first impression is "refreshing", the second impression is "glossy".
BodySpray × BodySpray
Lemon Peel
White Musk

If you overlay a body spray of white musk on the body spray of lemon peel, it will be stylish even if it is rough.
The lemon peel which feels a sense of cleanliness brings together the sense of coming out of the white musk, making it an urban and smart impression.

BodySpray × Crème de Parfum
Lemon Peel

If you lay a cream of Rose & Muguet on the body spray of lemon peel, you can produce a feminine impression.
If a cream is painted on the collarbone, neck, wrist etc, it gets a glittering impression as gradually approaching from the feeling of lemon peel cleanliness.

BodySpray × Hair Parfume
Fresh Pear

If you overlap a fresh pair of hair perfume on the body spray of Rose & Muguet, it makes me feel like turning around unexpectedly to be loved impression.
The fragrance of pear which flavors fluffy from hair when passing by, and the gorgeous scent fragrantly smelling when approaching create a gap of impression.

For each space, customize with a scent.
I feel luxurious to every corner of my life.
DiffuserOrange Blossom
DiffuserSugar Lychee

When you use orange blossom in the entrance, champagne in the living room, and sugar lychee in the bedroom, the fragrance space spreading like gorgeous fruit like Paris' Marche spreads.

DiffuserOlive Vodka
DiffuserSoapy Rose
DiffuserFresh Pear

When you use olive vodka at the entrance, soapy rose in the living room, and a fresh pair in the bedroom, a space of aroma of cleanliness like the overseas luxury boutique hotel spreads.

Layered fragrance freely at the rich lineup of layered fragrance.
Body, space, clothing, living environment overall quality ranked up.
Premium DetergentWhite Musk
Fabric SoftenerWhite Musk
Fabric RefresherSugar Lychee

Laundry Premium Detergent and Fabric Softener smell sweetly in clothing with soft scent of White Musk.
If you choose the fragrance of sugar lychee for the Fabric Refresher, the fruity scent overlaps and makes a youthful impression.

Lemon Peel
Fabric RefresherWhite Musk
Mobile FragranceWhite Musk

How to layered the fragrance of the whole living space.
Customized to a refreshing and fresh scent like a beach resort.
The smell of the room is a diffuser's Hibiscus, an image of a tropical resort.
Fabric Refresher is Lemon Peel, clothes to a smell more cleanliness.
Mobile Fragrances are used as sachets and interiors.
The scent of a Fresh Pair will produce a more refreshing resort feeling.


Type of sence