Rose & Muguet

It begins with the scent of pretty and neat Muguet, and the soft and elegant fragrance of rose gradually spreads out.

The elegant appearance of Rose and Muguet brings luxury and richness in the inner world,
You can taste sweetness like honey of flowers after chasing.

Just floral bouquet itself. The sweetness of the flowers does not claim too much with an exquisite balance,
It is finished in a highly versatile fragrance so you can use it without any discomfort with both men and women.
It is an active scent in a gorgeous party scene.

When layered fragrance is established,
"As long as the brand continues, I thought about making two fragrances that will last a lifetime."
I think the brand needs a fragrance that will become an identity and I think that it should be included in the lineup for a long time regardless of sales.

Its fragrance is lemon peel and the other is Rose & Muguet.

Lemon peel is a sense of cleanliness, this Rose & Muguet is elegance and sexy.

Impression that gorgeous and overwhelming spreading in the back of the cleanliness.
That is one philosophy of layered fragrance.
One of the scents that embodies the world is this Rose & Muguet.

It is a fragrance that both men and women can use.

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Crème de Parfum Rose & Muguet
¥3,400<Tax exclusion>