Red Rose

It is a fragrance of fine rose loved beyond time.
It is fresh but rich and beautiful fragrance.

It produces a noble and rich space like the rose garden of Europe spreading everywhere.

The fragrance of roses is widely used to produce luxurious impressions and cleanliness with goods, but regarding this scent of Red Rose it is a characteristic scent with refreshing impression like soap spreading at the moment of moment.

Not only those who love Rose, but also those who do not usually incorporate the scent of rose too much into their lives.

In the layered fragrance, the scent called Rose & Muguet is in the lineup with the scent developing from the beginning of brand establishment.
I thought that I wanted out a rose with a slightly different impression from Rose & Muguet at the room fragrance, and I made a Red Rose.

Because Rose is a very interesting flower, depending on the way of arranging, it shows different expressions.

There are various roses as far as Rose can not make it. British rose, rumble rose, white rose, etc.

There are various types of rose, there are various scents of rose.

Among them, the fragrance of my favorite rose is the fragrance of this Red Rose.

I think that it is a kind of fragrance that makes you feel the most cleanliness in the scent of rose type.

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