Misterious Mix

The first scent is musk, but a bit spicy.
Various scents give expression and the scent changes.

When you smell it again, woody, rose, and a different scent spread.
Its fragrance is sexy & mysterious.
As the image gets closer to you gradually as you use it looks like a lover or your favorite jeans.
It is a fragrance that you can use regardless of gender with masculine impression.

Personally, it is the scent I want men to wear when going out at night.
I believe that both men and women are not attracted by people 's attractiveness, but those who had slightly doubtful or wild impression were more fond of being deeply impressed as a person.

However, balance is important in everything.
The spicy feeling like the Western brand perfume is not suitable for Japanese, so it is spicy but somewhat mild and familiar, it finished in such fragrance.

It also fits cigarette smoke and cocktail smell well, so it is perfect as a night scent.

Basically there are many fresh and easy-to-use fragrances that are widely popular in Japan.
And many are based on citrus, fruity, floral in many cases.

In layered fragrances, there is an idea that many Japanese people want to use it, so basically we have a lineup of such light fragrances.

However, at the same time, the more I know the world of fragrance, the more it is actually the fascination with spicy and woody fragrances. This was what I had long felt as a fragrance producer.

Also, the fragrance that captivates someone is not actually a fresh scent, it is a fragrance that has a scent retaining character that remains in my heart.

From that point of view, I thought that there should be spicy items in the lineup and made a Mysterious Mix.

It is a fragrance recommended for more than intermediate users who are familiar with scents to some extent.

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Crème de Parfum Mysterious Mix
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