It is a fragrance that expresses the gorgeous sweetness that I want to keep close together forever.
It is a juicy and fruity scent that ripe white grapes can be played as champagne foam.
The rich sweetness expands.
It is a fragrance with good skin familiarity, it melts with body temperature and feels a mellow thick.
Personally, I think that grapes are specially sexy fruits even in fruits.
The juicy impression of grapes and sweetness like boiled sugar becomes a very impressive fragrance and fascinates people.
I think that this scent has the most sexy impression of layered fragrance.
I think that I could express well the ripe sweetness of fruits while having a fresh impression.
When launching layered fragrance diffuser, the most popular scent is champagne.
It is fruity but not just fresh, it is a fruity aroma that continues in the evening.

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